Improve your business and “Go Green”!

New markets

New markets representing new investments in industry and seed money for business represented by a tree made of cogs and gears that are floating finding different opportunities.

“Going Green” seems to be the growing fad in the business world today, but the question everyone has is “Can ‘Going Green’ really help my business?” With the way technology and internet marketing is growing the answer is yes and in more ways than you would think. Utilizing new technology all around us can help reduce our carbon footprint on the planet, save money and grow the business.

Here are just a few ways you can quickly improve your business and “Go Green”:

 Email Marketing 

-Reaches an unlimited number of customers that have internet access

-Lower cost (email service vs paper, mailing costs, travel costs)

-Cuts down paper usage

GoGreen imac   Website

-Reaches an unlimited number of customers that have internet access

-Allows customers to electronically access your information and portfolio

-Cuts down paper usage

GoGreen imac   SEO/Blogging/Social Media

-Support your website with these internet marketing tactics and grow the number of people you reach

-All forms of internet marketing are electronic and cut down on paper usage

-Allows you to be in contact with customers at any time and cuts down on costs(travel and open store costs)

GoGreen imac   E-Commerce

-Cuts down people having to travel to your store

-Always open without wasting resources

-Cuts costs and resources by using one central warehouse vs. running any number of stores

GoGreen imac   Marketing the Green Way

-Get behind environmentally responsible organization to help grow your image as a “Green Company”

-Promote the business with “Give Away” promotions and give away reusable items(Tote Bags, Water Bottles)

 -Now that we have convinced you that “Going Green” is the way of the future, here are a few Green Business tips for around the office:

-Recycled Paper

-Buy Local

-Use Shredded Paper for Packing Shipments

-Phone/Video Conferencing

-Dim Lighting/ Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

-Reusable Batteries

-Recycle Trash

Alberto Brio