Marketing Tips to Improve Your Email Subject Lines

Email is still very effective especially when it comes to the retention of existing customers. 70% of subscribers make use of a coupon or discount they learned about from email and over half of users state receiving special offers as the top reason for subscribing to a newsletter.

email-guysIt doesn’t surprise me since there is a clear benefit or value for the customer. It also makes sense since the customer gave you the permission to send them an email. Continue reading

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Data Collection for Email Marketing and Segmentation

Data Collection For Email Marketing

Any organisation needs a customer database. Even if you are the owner of a small coffee shop and remember all your customers just by seeing their faces that’s already a data collection. But larger the business the more responsibly you should work on a customer database.

Existing consumers are the most valuable assets that are by many underestimated. Sit down and do a statistical calculation and try to count, how much income does your current customers brings you? If you are not the owner of a funeral service company, soon you will realize that more than a half of your incomes brings customers that shopped or used your services more than once. Continue reading

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Email Service Providers and Measuring Success

Email Service Providers


Most business today invest in Email Service Providers to ensure they meet the demands of their customers and to grow their business.

Regular ISPs are not set up for and sometimes prohibit large mail files and are not suitable for some business. Hence, some companies look to Email service providers in order to run their business efficiently. An ESP is a service that hosts email marketing services on their servers, which are optimized for this purpose.

In today’s digital marketing age many business owners and internet entrepreneurs struggle to get their brand recognized online. One of the most desired method of doing so today is by directly marketing a product or message to a targeted audience through email. Continue reading

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Improve your business and “Go Green”!

New markets representing new investments in industry represented by a tree made of cogs and gears blossed by GreenDigitalEra tree: find your opportunities!

New markets representing new investments in industry represented by a tree blooming  cogs and gears: it’s GreenDigitalEra tree! Find your opportunity!

“Going Green” seems to be the growing fad in the business world today, but the question everyone has is “Can ‘Going Green’ really help my business?” With the way technology and internet marketing is growing the answer is yes and in more ways than you would think. Utilizing new technology all around us can help reduce our carbon footprint on the planet, save money and grow the business.

Continue reading

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How to avoid Email marketing being marked as Spam

email spam and email marketing


I recently listen an interview to Facebook Chief Operation Officer Sherly Sandberg, where was said that 11% of teenagers use Email daily, that it is compelling for them, nevertheless the use of sms and social networking is increasingly fast, leaving anyone to clearly concluding that emails are dying. Are they? Do you really think emails are going to disappear?  Facebook is well convinced about it, but reality and consumers prove the opposite. Continue reading

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