Green Digital Era are Digital Marketing Enthusiasts That Gets Results!

We were established in March 2016 as a digital marketing company promoting products and services using digital technologies.



Our goal is to help business’ achieve their digital goals by applying the correct digital marketing strategies. We are experts in digital marketing technologies aiming to capture the correct audience at a low cost and to measure site performance using analytics to meet business challenges head on and to achieve growth ambitions. We also tailor services for existing clients depending on what our customer wants to promote at a particular time.

Our aim when it comes to Digital Marketing is through openness and sharing of ideas can you generate innovation.


Our Digital Marketing Services include…

  • Consultation with client aiming to increase Sales / hits of site/blog
  • Selecting the best marketing technology
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.
  • How to choose an Email Service Provider for your business and Measuring Success
  • How to avoid Email marketing being marked as Spam
  • Using Analytics to provide real time results to reduce costs and to measure performance
  •  Offline Consultancy


Green Digital Era help clients to benefit so that they can control the direction of their own marketing approach by using Technology such as WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to gain traction by the click of a button.

Social media is extremely effective and inexpensive depending on what package you choose from. Yet, many businesses and advertising agencies are applying the same old traditional marketing techniques, just on a digital platform. This approach is highly inefficient and costly and we want to tell you why that is and provide you with an alternative solution that works.


Green Digital Era want you to understand what is possible in the Digital Marketing space and what is involved in reaching potential. Never again take “no” for an answer. Everything is possible. It just takes the right knowledge, time and persistence.


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